Home insurance in Spain

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Home insurance, Spain

For many people their biggest asset is their home and as a home-owner building and contents insurance is essential. Even if you are renting a property in Spain it would be wise to insure your contents. If you rent out your property make sure that the insurer is informed so that full cover is provided.

Home insurance policies in Spain are on a "new for old" basis and it is important that the contents sum insured reflect the replacement value. Similarly, the building sum insured should represent the rebuilding value. Building costs have risen dramatically in Spain over recent years and as a rough guide around 1500 € per m2 constructed will be adequate. Insuring for less than the correct amount may well lead to a reduced indemnity in the event of a claim.

If you rent out your property make sure that your insurers are aware, and check that you have adequate public liability cover as a landlord.

We can also provide “All Risks”, accidental damage, jewellery outside the home and subsidence cover, many policies now include some free help with DIY jobs

Many people who live in communities assume that their community policy will provide cover in the event of damage to the buildings. This is not always the case and advice on this point or any other matter should be sought from your insurance adviser.

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