Life insurance in Spain

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Life and Pensions insurance, Spain

Life and pensions cover in Spain is just as important as in UK, but many people seem to forget about such matters when they head for the sun.

Most insurers offer reasonably priced life cover with many policies being issued on a yearly renewable basis rather than a term of say 10 or 20 years. This provides you with the option to stop the policy at any time during the term without the loss of high initial payments.

If you or your spouse should die could the surviving partner afford to stay in the family home, pay the school fees or the normal daily bills?

Life insurance policies are also seen as an efficient low cost form of tax planning in the event of Inheritance tax liabilities in Spain.

All types of savings and pension plans are on offer. Guaranteed no risk options are available as well as alternative plans with high, medium and low exposure to risk. It is important to plan for your future and to make arrangements to protect your family in the event of death, serious accident or illness.

Personal accident and illness policies are available and should be given serious consideration particularly if you are self-employed.

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